Day 8. Becoming a Bullet-Journalist.

Have you heard of this thing called a bullet journal? I guess I live under a rock, because it only floated onto my radar maybe six months ago. In short, it’s a notebook that’s part planner, part to-do list, and part diary. You capture things in short spurts, or “bullets,” instead of writing novellas about your day. This BuzzFeed, WTF Is a Bullet Journal and Why Should I Start One? , is a spot-on intro for beginners.

If you want to dig deeper, just search #bulletjournal on Insta. You’ll lose hours of time down a rabbit hole of pretty pens and hand lettering, like this…

Anyways, a week into my Clarity Project, I decided that in order to completely clear my mind, I need to get my sh*it together. Translation: ORGANIZATION. So today I started a bullet journal. Here’s what happened:

1. I spent too long at Target staring at pens. Then splurged on the following supplies:

  • A Moleskin Journal. Blogs recommend either the Moleskin Large Dotted Journal or the Leuchtturm1917 Medium Dotted Journal. But that wasn’t available when I stopped by the store, so I grabbed the Moleskin “Chapters” Dotted Journal. At only 128 pages, with lay-flat pages, I think it’s perfect for my beginner’s needs. Plus, it was less than $10.
  • All the Pens. Google”bullet journal pens” at your own risk. There. Are. So. Many. Options. And so little time. I ended up grabbing the classic Pilot G-2 Extra Fine Gel pens for my everyday writing (you can find them anywhere), plus a 10-pack of Staedtler Triplus Finelines to jazz things up. The Staedtlers are fab, although the color choice could be better. (Does anyone really use brown??)
  • A Six-Inch Ruler. This is an absolute must.
  • Washi Tape. Because I don’t have the artistic talent of the above Instagram post.


2. Next? I filled out my index in the first two pages of my journal. You fill this out as you go along.


3. Page 3-6 are my “future log,” which basically means a yearly calendar.


4. Next? It’s my January monthly page and to-do list.


5. Lastly, I created my January habits page, where I’ll track how many days I actually do certain habits this month (like go to yoga or meditate). Fun, right?


Tomorrow, I’ll start on Day 1 of my Daily Journal, where I’ll track tasks and occurrences on an everyday basis. Although my journal may be more basic than the Insta-world out there, and, sure, my handwriting is severely eh, I’m feeling good. This is fun! Now, here’s to hoping it leads to more clarity down the road.


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